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Aao Sankalp Lein is a Non-Profit Organization solely dedicated for the upliftment of the entire women community. We believe that the stature of women in Indian society has been demeaned over centuries and it is the right time to take the initiative. From making education accessible to the girl child to helping ordinary women find their identity amidst their household responsibility. Aao Sankalp Lein pledges to create a good life for each and every woman of our community.

Patriarchal society suppressed women through the centuries. A girl child had little chance of survival and even if she did she always took a back seat to her male siblings. If that was not enough she was expected to be servile and subservient to her husband and extended family. She was never permitted to express herself leave alone making any decision. It is this wrong filtering down centuries that Aao Sankalp Lein intends to correct.

Let’s unite to make this society a better place for women by eliminating poverty through awareness and education. Women of all age groups deserve care, affection, and opportunity to perform and our mission provides all of that. Join and contribute to our Aao Sankalp Lein to make a difference to a life!