How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness Even When the Life's Situations Are Restraining You?

"Happiness is not out there, it's in you"

Humans are the only creatures on the earth that can touch, sense and feel the emotions. We feel for everything that we come across and associate our happiness with it. We feel happy in one situation and sad in the next, our life very much revolves around finding the true happiness. Happiness however never comes when you focus outwardly; it comes from your deeper self. When you want to be happy, you choose it and never step back but it appears easier said than done.

Life is said to be a rollercoaster ride and no matter how hard we try, we always have a few situations that are hard to deal. Getting fired from a job, having an untreatable disease, death of a loved one, and financial strain contribute to one of the worst situations. In those times, it becomes difficult to trust life and happiness somehow disappears. Tough times throw up a lot more challenges and the clouds of gloom take over. Even the idea of finding the inner peace and happiness seems worthless in such situations, but it’s not.

Even when the times are tough and situations are adverse, you can always find the inner peace and can fuel your inner source of happiness. Being optimistic even in the worst situations is possible when you know how to do it as it is no rocket science. Incorporating a few of these steps in your life will make you find the inner peace and happiness even in the unlikely circumstances, take a look

Step 1: Understand That You Don't Have Any Control

Accepting your own fears and challenges is the first step towards happiness and inner peace. Remember, when things get rough, the first thing that you need to do is to understand that you don’t have a control over this situation. The only thing you can control or modify is your own response. You can be optimistic even in the tough times and no one other than you can control it.

Step 2: Surround Yourself with Positive People

The kind of people we surround ourselves greatly affect our perception towards life. In difficult circumstances, you need to surround yourself with people who are supporting and encouraging. People who are negative and discouraging will only develop stress in your life and that’s why you need to get rid of them.

Step 3: Don't Overthink

Often a life situation becomes even adverse when we tend to over think it. Even the biggest challenges can appear small when you refuse them to make an impact on you. It all lies in your thoughts, you can fuzz about a minute issue or you can ignore and work upon even the greatest life challenge. Reducing the amount of time you devote to overthinking will help make you come out from it even more quickly.

Step 4: Learn to Love Yourself

Learning and accepting ourselves is necessary to face challenges in life. When we accept us for who we are, we become a lot more confident and gather strength to face challenges. Our soul is our source of strength in every circumstance and only self-love promotes it. You should learn to love yourself without a bias and never try to underestimate your own strengths.

Step 5: Don't Compare Your Life with Others

It is a common instinct to compare our life with others when life throws up a challenge. Whether if you have lost a job or struggling through financial problems, it is easy to visualize the greener grass on the other side. It becomes so much easy to compare your own life with that of your friends or family members. Understand that each life has its own set of challenges and comforts and you will only be hurt when you compare.

Step 6: Learn to Trust God's Plans

It becomes very easy to be discouraged when life brings up challenges. But you can always perceive it otherwise by learning and trusting God’s plans for your life. The current situation may appear worst to you but you never know what plans God has in his store. A bad situation may be the beginning of a bright future and only time can make you realize.

Step 7: Connect With a Soulful Person or Guru

Having positive energy is really important in your life especially when it comes through the blessings of a soulful person or a guru. A guru is the only person who can lead you on the right path even in the worst situations. They can guide you in difficult situations and can make your outlook towards life a lot more positive. Being in presence of a Guru is transforming for your life!

What People Say About Guru Maa and Their Healing Experiences?

Neena is the name by which I have known GurumaAnoopama. We have been friends for over 37 years. So we tend to take each other for granted.Honestly speaking I went for my first reiki session with a great deal of skepticism. More to appease my friend than to receive any so called benefit from it.

The session began and initially I was awry of the whole procedure, more so because I had a terrible back ache and nothing they said seemed to have any effect. And the Guruma came and put her hand on my back. Lo and behold the pain subsided considerably. I felt better but my logical mind held me back from believing in the miracle.

The second time I went for a session was again not because I was convinced but because I was invited and it would be wrong to refuse and because something seemed to be pulling me.And am I glad,I went!! What I experienced is something I will remember for a lifetime.

I was sitting with my eyes shut when Ma came and placed her hands very lightly on both my shoulders. And for a moment, there was no ‘me’. No me in the physical sense. I seemed to have morphed into a ball of energy spinning at great speed. If anything can be called out of this world, this was IT!

- Shirin Hasrat