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What People Say About Guru Maa and Their Healing Experiences?
Created Date: 06-05-2017
Neena is the name by which I have known GurumaAnoopama. We have been friends for over 37 years. So we tend to take each other for granted.Honestly speaking I went for my first reiki session with a...
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Soul Evolution Levels: Which Is Your Current Soul Stage and How To Transform To The Next?
Created Date: 30-04-2017
"The Soul is The Truth of Who We Are" - Marianne Williamson A soul is the immortal entity of our existence that came in the world to live its destiny. We must have heard words like the soulmate a...
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Six Meditation Techniques That Can Easily Be a Part of Your Routine Life
Created Date: 24-04-2017
Meditation is also known as ‘Dhyan avastha’ within which you achieve the state of deep rest by allowing your mind to dissolve. People have been practicing it from ancient times because...
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How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness Even When the Life's Situations Are Restraining You?
Created Date: 18-04-2017
"Happiness is not out there, it's in you" Humans are the only creatures on the earth that can touch, sense and feel the emotions. We feel for everything that we come across and associate our happ...
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Aura Cleansing: How it Works and is it Right for You?
Created Date: 12-04-2017
An aura is a subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds our body in a ring-like shape and each one of us possesses it. Scientifically speaking, an aura is nothing but the presence of energy field a...
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7 Warning Signs That You Are Accumulating Abundant Negativity in Your Body
Created Date: 06-04-2017
All of us expect great health at all stages of our lives and that’s why we take good care of our body by frequently exercising. As they say, health is the ultimate wealth on earth and ignori...
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