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About Guru Maa

Guru Maa Anoopma is the visionary behind Aao Sankalp Lein trust. She is also known by her nickname Neena Khanna. She initiated this trust solely for the upliftment of underprivileged children and destitute women.

She was born and raised in Delhi, India in an affluent family. Her father was a lecturer in Delhi University and was always supportive of her education and encouraged her to walk her own path. Since childhood, she was a proactive learner and a generous soul. Even in her younger days, she used to be concerned about problems of the others. Her compassionate nature and willingness to serve the community have been her greatest zeal.

Post marriage to an Army officer she continued to pursue her education in the field of garment technology and post her husbands retirement from the forces they ventured in to entrepreneurship beginning with garments and expanded exponentially in to other fields. Their collective efforts made them immensely successful to the extent that they were recognised by the president of Rwanda.

Guru Maa with Prabhu Ji Chaitanya Kumar

Having established herself she realised the need to contribute to the society that had been a stepping stone to her success. It was at about the same time that she had an awakening and delved in to spirituality. What began as an experiment took her to such great heights that it left a lasting impact not only on her but in the lives of all she came in to contact with. She practiced meditation under various spiritual masters.

In one of her personal interviews she told: "I am not a saint but a normal human being who cannot stand people suffering, I just want to heal their problems with all my abilities and knowledge".

She believes in selfless service and devoting time to causes that deserve special attention. She helps people from all walks of life by providing her individual assistance to the cause, offering charity, and in any other possible forms. She has also healed the international community and has imparted training to a number of international students, so her knowledge can reach to the masses on a larger scale.She has trained herself in a number of meditation and healing techniques.

Being a fountain of joy herself, her dream is to make the world a happier and healthier place. She is working towards this goal by contributing to various social causes.